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Washington Post: A Guide to the Best Breakfast Spots in DC

best breakfast spots in Washington DC - Wicked Waffle

You can’t swing a champagne flute in this town without hitting a decent brunch spot. But a good breakfast joint? That’s a swing and a miss.

Finding a great morning meal can feel impossible, and too often we’re left settling for a $15 plate of mediocre bacon and eggs. Perhaps it’s our void of New York-style bodegas and delis, or our excess of ritzy restaurants. Or maybe it’s just one of those things the city will eventually improve, as it has with coffee and dessert.

Discouraged but not defeated, we resolved to find the best breakfast spots in the area, the casual kind that locals crave, not those frequented by tourists at fancy hotels. The first meal of the day can be a treat — if you know where to go.

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