Wicked Waffle In The News

Best Breakfast Spots Downtown Washington DC

Wicked Waffle Platter Waffle Sandwich and Sweet Waffles

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WUSA9 Features Wicked Waffle on Stop Stories

Wicked Waffle on WUSA9 Stop Stories TV Internet Segment

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Washington Post: A Guide to the Best Breakfast Spots in DC

best breakfast spots in Washington DC - Wicked Waffle

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Wicked Waffle Supports St. Jane de Chantal

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The Employees at Wicked Waffle

employees at wicked waffle blog post image

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Washington Post: Savory waffles to try around DC

Savory waffles to try around DC Header Image

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Delish: Top Waffles From Around the Country

Delish Top Waffles News Article Header Image

14 Most Over-the-Top Waffles From Around the Country While maple syrup and butter are classics for a reason, the humble waffle is really just a blank slate for any number of insane sweet or savory toppings. Check out how restaurants and diners across the country are really killing it waffle-wise, and if you live near…

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Your Next Syrup Free Breakfast Obsession

It’s not often that a dream is spurred in a Waffle House. For Thierry Jugnet, though, his dream was not only born in a Waffle House – it was the Waffle House that inspired it. In Jugnet’s words, “When I traveled and I walked into a Waffle House, I just said, ‘Oh, my gosh. How…

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Gluten Free Jet Set

I have a confession. For over two years, I have worked within five blocks of Wicked Waffle, and I have been completely oblivious of their clear marketing to gluten-free eaters. Their sandwichboard sign, prominently displayed on the sidewalk out front, says it all. They are quite well-versed in gluten-free preparation, and almost the entire menu…

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Popcorn & Ice Cream

This week is one in a long line of random celebrations and observances surrounding food – it’s National Waffle Week! Officially sanctioned by government proclamation? No. Set forth by an industry association that directly benefits from increased attention? Also no. Opportunity for me to shamelessly plug my favorite waffle joints in the area? Absolutely. Want…

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