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Your Next Syrup Free Breakfast Obsession

Gluten Free Waffles

It’s not often that a dream is spurred in a Waffle House. For Thierry Jugnet, though, his dream was not only born in a Waffle House – it was the Waffle House that inspired it.

In Jugnet’s words, “When I traveled and I walked into a Waffle House, I just said, ‘Oh, my gosh. How is that possible?’”

Jugnet was born and raised in Lyon, France. Roughly 30 years ago, he moved to the United States to study with one of the leading chefs in Washington, D.C. While he originally meant to stay for a year, he stayed for the long haul, eventually finding himself in front of a plate of syrupy, sugary waffles.  Want to read the entire review on Wicked Waffle titled Your Next Syrup Free Breakfast obsession?

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